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December 19th - 24th Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM)
November - December Online evaluation of the 2009 political participation training for female politicians in Sierra Leone.

November 26th - 27th

16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence: Leadership training for secondary school boys in Lagos.

November 29th 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence: Men’s Walk against Violence against Women
September 6th - 13th Political Education Training for Female Political Aspirant and Young Women in Tertiary Institutions in Osun State
April 11th - 14th Political Education Training for Young Women and Female Aspirants
March 8th March 8th International Women’s Day (IWD) – Press Brief
January 29th -30th Evaluation of UNWOMEN Project on Capacity Building and Empowerment through Political Education for Nigerian Women in Kogi State




December 14th - 21st Strategic Planning Meeting
November 24th - Dec 9 th 16 days of Activism against Gender based Violence
July 6th - 8th Counseling and Mediation Training for BAOBAB's Staff in Lagos State.
June 20th - 24th Regional Young Women’s Leadership Institute. held at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra, Ghana
June 8th - 9th The Evaluation of Political Education Training for Young Women and Female Politicians in Abia State.
April 6th - 8th Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Capacity Building Training for BAOBAB Staff
March 29th - 30th Conversation with Female Political Candidates in Lagos State
March 16th – 20th Outreach National Planning Meeting
March 8th International Women’s Day
February 28th - March 5th Political Education Training in Kano State
February 24th Women’s Political Participation and decision-making: challenging Fundamentalisms (#CSW55)
February 7th - 13th Political Education Training in Kogi State
February 2nd - 4th Sexuality and Reproductive Rights Training for BAOBAB staff members



Nov 25 - Dec 10 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign
December 2nd - 4th Leadership Training for Young Boys – Teen Ages (13 - 17)
November 8th -10th Leadership Training for the Non Academic Staff of the University of Jos, Plateau State
July 21st - 27th Political Education Capacity Building for Women and female undergraduates in Abia State
July 21st - 22nd National Discussion on Women's Human Rights & Religion
June 9th - 12th The Nigerian National Leadership Institute and Training of Trainers.
June 7th - 10th Strategic E-Campaigning Training for Women Activists
May 27th Awareness Campaign on the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Bill
May 18th - 20th Leadership Training for Young Girls (13-17 YEARS)
April 22nd NGO sensitization workshop on the use and distribution of female condom.
April 15th - 18th Gender and Leadership Training with Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU)
March 25th - 26th Capacity Building Training for American Jewish World Service (AJWS) Grantee
March 19th - 20th A 2nd part National Training of Trainers (TOT) institute in Togo with WILDAF
March 8th International Women's Day
March 1st

One Day sensitization workshop/sticker campaign rally on the African Union (AU) protocol for Raising Her voice project organised by BAOBAB in collaboration with WRAPA

February 4th African Women’s Health and Rights Day
January 17th - 31st Outreach National Planning Meeting
January 14th HIV / AIDS Counselling Training Meeting



Dec 16th - 22nd Strategic Planning Meeting
Dec. 2nd Men Against Violence Against Women
Nov. 25th Press Briefing & Drama on Gender Based Violence in Apapa high Schooll & Randle Secondary School
Nov. 25th – Dec. 10th '16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence' campaign
Nov 17th Evaluation of the Leadership Training and Political Education of women Politicians in Ekiti State
Oct 15th-18th
    Women’s Political Participation Institute in Sierra Leone
October Future For Girls Project.
September 16th - 18th

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Training for BAOBAB Personnel

July 21st -22nd National Discussion on Women's Human Rights & Religion
May 13th - 15th Bridge Building Meeting on Women's Rights & Religion (BB20)
March 11th International Women’s Day:  IWD (March 8)
February 5th - 9th Outreach National Planning Meeting



December 16th - 21st Strategic Planning Meeting
November 26 Launching of the Network of Journalists Against Violence Against Women (JAVAW)
November 19th -22nd National Francophone Learning Institute for Women’s Leadership and Training of Trainers
November 15 Evaluation meeting of the Training of Trainers (TOT) Institute, Liberia
November 12 - 16 Leadership Training from a Gender Perspective for Police and Judicial Personnel
September 22-27 Young Women Leadership Institute Program
September 3-6 Leadership Training and Political Education with Women Politicians ....View Pictures
July 21-22 The 5th National Discussion on Women's Human Rights and Religion...View Pictures
June 9-11

Leadership training workshop for Women in the Academia....View Pictures

May 28 BAOBAB/WLP Evaluation Training
Bridge Building Meeting
March 8 International Women's Day.. View Pictures

National Outreach Planning meeting 2008...View Pictures

February 4

African Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights Day


December 12 -18, 2007 Strategic Planning Meeting ....View Pictures
December 4 5, 2007 Gender Training for Fresh Graduates ...View Pitures
November 5 – 6, 2007 National Discussion on Women's Human Rights and Religion
November 1-2, 2007 HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy Workshop
October 18 - 20 Paralegal Training for NGOs/CBOs workers
September 6 - 8 Bridge Building Workshop 16 (Christian)
September 2-4 Bridge Building Workshop 15 (Muslim)
August 14-16 Paralegal Training for Teachers
May 28 - 31 National Institute,Liberia
May 21 -24, 2007 National Institute , Nigeria
May 14 - 18 Human Rights Training, Kano
International Women's Day
February 24-March 13 The 51st Session of the commission on the status of Women
Human Rights Training Workshop
February 8-13 National Outreach Planning meeting 2007

International Women’s Health And Rights Day

January 20-24

World Social Forum –WLP presentation on Movement Building in the 21st Century: Against All Odds: “Women Partnering for Change in times of Crisis”





December 14-21 Strategic Planning Meeting
November 25 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence
November 24-25 National Discussion on Women's Human Rights & Religion


3rd National Talent Competition Award Ceremony

July 29-Aug 2

Human Rights Training

April 23-28

National Roundtable Discussions on Women's Human Rights and Religion

April 1-5

Human Rights training workshop

March 13-16 & March 28-31

Leadership Training Workshops

March 7 & 8

International Women's Day

Feb 10-14

Strategic National Outreach Planning Meeting

February 4

Addressing Sexual Violence in Church Communities

Jan 17 – 28

WLUML-AME Coordination



Dec 14 - 21

Strategic Planning Meeting

Nov 16-17

National Discussion on Sharia and Women's Human Rights Series 2

Sept 6-10

Human Rights Training workshop

August 30-31

National consultative Meeting on Violence Against Women

June 26–July 1

Bridge Building West Africa

June 22

CEDAW Coalition meeting

May 9 -14

Bridge Building Meeting

March 21- April 25

Leadership Training for Ife Professional Women

March 21 – 22

 Human Rights Defenders Consultative meeting

Feb 21 – 25

Africa Regional Roaming Institute

Feb 7 – 11

Human Rights Training of Trainers Workshop



Nov 25 – Dec 10

16 Days Activism against Gender Based Violence

Oct 28

Talent Competition Award Ceremony

Jan - Sept

Leadership training workshops

June 28-29

National Discussion on Sharia and Women’s Human Rights

May 13

Gender workshop for female journalists

March 28 – April 4

National Outreach Planning Meeting

Feb 4

Awareness workshop for African Women’s Health and Rights Day